Biomedical Ethics — IDEAS

For this semester in the IDEAS seminar, Professor Best has decided that one of the focuses of the IDEAS seminar will be “Biomedical ethics”. What this actually means, is that the class of about 40 students will be discussing some of the many controversial decisions that companies have made that may not have been for the better of society, but solely for the returns a product may bring.

The seminar will be divided up into three groups who will be reading different books and looking and separate case studies. I, personally, want to be in the group who reads Frankinstein by Marry Shelly. One of the topics that came up in the lecture was how the media plays a big role in changing the facts and making people see things differently. I feel like this really goes well with biomedical ethics and decision making, because the media can make people believe that a company is doing something right and the general population will not question it. This is probably one of the worst things people can do, and this is one of the main reasons the IDEAS seminar exists. To make students QUESTION things and not just accept what is shown, and this is one of the reasons I find the IDEAS seminar very, very, very interesting.


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