Ready to design your own major?


Did you know that in the IDEAS program you get the flexibility to choose what classes you want?

I am a First-Year student who intends to concentrate in Electrical Engineering and International Relations, and the course selection process was very interesting these first two semesters. IDEAS majors take courses in five groups for a total of 136 credits:

  1. IDEAS Core
  2. Math/Science core
  3. Engineering Concentration
  4. Arts & Science Concentration
  5. Arts & Science distribution requirements

Sounds overwhelming? It’s manageable!

The great thing is that you can really focus in what you want to get out of your degree. For example, I wish to work for a multinational company in the engineering field. Therefore, I choose from an array of courses that give me a solid technical background in engineering. In IR, I am leaning towards political economy, economic development, and globalization.

So far, I have been working on the Math and Science requirements and the IR courses. Next year, my schedule will be mostly geared towards engineering with some IR classes.

Looking forward to how this is going to work out!


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