A Civil Action – Sept. 10, 2013

IDEAS Seminar – Sept. 3, 2013 (by lehighengineers) The second half of A Civil Action.

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Questions for this week:

1) What role does regulation play, and should it play?

2) How can we change the role of the justice system?


2 thoughts on “A Civil Action – Sept. 10, 2013

  1. 1) I suppose that Regulation could be seen as a sort of imaginary shield that aims to protect the public as a whole from potentially detrimental or fatal actions or scenarios. But, this raises the question of whether or not that shield is justified to be placed in front of each and every person. Does each and every person actually want this? Are there those who reserve the right to protect themselves? I suppose in the end, regulations are made in the best interests of the majority of the people and so I believe that they’re justified.
    2) I’m not so sure if we can change the role of the justice system. It’s maintains a tenure that outreaches any of our lives by far and with that comes a certain level of “can’t touch this” status. I feel like the justice system would have to make an incredibly terrible error in order for anything to change about it.

  2. Watching this brought me back to a class that I took in high school and then my freshmen english class revisited. Like the FDA– all of these regulatory services were created because a system was very corrupted. I guess you could argue that it was “human nature” that has created all of these systems. What I’m trying to get around to though is that regulation is always manipulatable. There is usually the power to corrupt and change what is being done to protect to benefit the organization that is being watched.

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