Too many IDEAS!


My life as a first year college student; the number one question I get asked is…

“What’s your major?!”

My response has never been the same twice. Generally it’s a smile and something along the lines of “it’s complicated”. Lately, when new college friends ask me this, all of my friends (who already know the answer) groan and say “you really shouldn’t ask her that…” because really I don’t have any idea what my major is. Pun intended.

Technically, I will have an Integrated Degree in Engineering, Arts and Sciences in four years. But to get down to it? I think that just means I like stuff. Really. I chose this degree because I got cold feet about being a total engineer in my senior year. I liked EVERYTHING how could I possibly choose just one thing to stick with? Even now I find myself thinking… I like mechanical and…

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