Shuffling Up the Deck

I’m at an interesting point in the semester. Final Paper deadlines are approaching, and the stress and excitement of registration is setting in. Surprisingly enough, these two things (while both stressful) are actually coming together rather nicely…

For my cognitive psychology class, I’m finding that the AWESOME paper I was going to write on how we perceive art, why we perceive it differently than real life, and what influences our judgement of beauty… is actually just supposed to be more of a summary of the articles I read, with a tiny little conclusion of awesomeness. So that’s upsetting. But in the meantime, my IDEAS paper, which was essentially supposed to be a 5-7 page rant, has slowly developed into an epically unorthodox combination of concrete & free verse poetry on what it is to be human.

How does that connect with registration? Well, I’m awkwardly ahead half a semester and strangely crossed in the mechanics and mechanical engineering field, as well as having a minor in spanish and a desire to take design courses, that leaves me with an absolutely horrifying set of conflicts. BUT. It seems that with one online course, I’ll be sitting on top of some 19 credits that could create a very defining semester. I’m still weighing the odds between a philosophy and poetry course (connection to final papers = made), but I am definitely getting the feeling that I’m going to be a lot more in balance next semester than I am now. (For example, I’ll have Dynamics, Finite Element Analysis, AutoCAD, 3D design, philosophy/poetry, and the ever present IDEAS Seminar).

Let’s see how this plays out.


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