Technology, Trash, and Art

Tuesday’s seminar delved way too far into the Disney Pixar movie, Wall-E. For those who’ve seen it, you know that that movie brings up a bunch of good points about what we are doing with technology and how that is affecting the earth. Yet, rather than being about the environment, I found myself fixated on the art…

Wall-E, a happy little trash compactor, fashions himself into an artist. One of my first thoughts on this movie was how much beauty came from the trash that humans had generated. I was amazed at how Wall-E took something so dismal, something with so much potential to be incredibly depressing, and made it into something as powerful as it was. The city was destroyed, ground into itself, and yet Wall-E rebuilds it into a strange new likeness of itself: similar looking on the outside, and yet so completely different up close. I Loved It.

The thing that really got to me here was the parallels to a Manufactured Landscape, from last semester. For this, a photographer took some of the most dismal scenes from our world: horrid instances of pollution, run down cities, children rummaging through trash, and through photography, made it “art”. This. Drove. Me. Nuts.

I got to thinking as to why… what was so different? In the end, I realized that I was angry because in manufactured landscape, peoples’ suffering was being used as just something to create art. On the other end, Wall-E physically changed the destruction; he took what was run down and in many ways useless, and created beauty from it. In my mind, it was the concept of a phoenix, as opposed to taking a picture of the phoenix’s ashes.

The environmental stuff was cool too, but what can I say, I’m an artist at heart.


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