Turkey Day

The loving ambiance and the feeling of a full stomach are the aspects of Thanksgiving that I cherish the most. Like most students, I was fortunate enough to spend Thanksgiving off campus surrounded by loved ones. Whether your family celebrates with ham, turkey, lasagna or anything in between this holiday is a time for loved ones and good food.

Thanksgiving morning I woke to snowflakes drifting down from the sky and it was almost as if I were back home in Maine. Walking outside, I felt the chill of the fresh air and the snow crunching beneath my steps.


With a stroke of inspiration I started rolling the perfectly wet snow, and with each roll the ball becameĀ larger and larger. Just like when I was young, my daddy came and helped me build a snowman. Thanksgiving is a time to relive old pastimesĀ as well as make new memories with the ones you love.