What Happens When There is No Water Left?

California’s ‘water cop’ urges residents to take drought seriously with mandatory restrictions

Image: Northern California's Folsom Lake on July 20, 2011. Image: Northern California's Folsom Lake on January 16, 2014.                                                                                                                                http://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/california-drought/after-california-reservoir-drops-17-percent-capacity-n38806

California is facing one of their longest and harshest droughts in history. Dried up lake beds cause water shortages forcing residents to decrease outdoor irrigation. They face up to $500 in fines if they do not cooperate. The state was put under drought emergency as of January with estimated losses of $2.2 billion and 17 thousand jobs within the year. In addition to residents changing their outdoor irrigation ways, agriculture farms were forced to use less and less water as they watched their wells decrease year by year. The ultimate question is, what should be done in the future to avoid fresh water depletion in California? The country? The world?

In my opinion in areas where droughts are probable catchment systems should be implemented. Catchment systems can be implemented under buildings. By catching water on the roof and then storing under the building, the water can be used to make everyday life more sustainable and to have back up water in case of emergencies. Although, the main change that needs to occur is consumption. The majority of the United States is consuming more energy and resources than is available. We are at a turning point and need to change our habits.


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