What is Dynamic Tidal Power?

Dynamic Tidal Powder is the newest idea to harness energy from the tides. Renewable energy is produced by the surge of the ocean waters due to the rise and fall of tides. It is a new idea therefore the amount of power produced thus far by tidal energy is small and there are very few power plants. The first Tidal Power Station is located in La Rance, France. Unfortunately the U.S. has not sites where energy could be produced at a reasonable price, but it is a great idea for other countries like China, France, England, Canada, and Russia to implement. There is a long road for tidal energy but once engineers develop a product that has a low Energy Payback Ratio, has little impact on the environment, and is profitable for everyone, it will be a highly beneficial sustainable solution.

Tidal Streams are bodies of high velocity water due to tides. Turbines are placed within these streams to allow the waters steady and reliable tides to produce a constant stream of electricity. The turbines blades move slowly to prevent marine life from getting caught in the system. The first tidal power station was constructed in 2007 and implemented in a narrow straight between the Strangford Lough inlet and the Irish Sea.


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