Eco-friendly Products

Debates about how to become more sustainable, how to prevent more global warming, deforestation, loss of fresh water, loss of diversity occur more than one can count. Prevention of more harm to our planet is crucial but cleaning up our already wasted products is equally important.

recycled plastic Adidas sneakers

Over the years many products have been created using recycled plastic bags or bottles. From carpets to shirts to bags, plastics have been recycled to serve another, hopefully longer lasting, purpose. Adidas is jumping on the bandwagon by partnering with Parley for the Oceans to develop products that are made from plastic waste that originates from the ocean. Starting in 2016, Adidas in all 2,900 retail stores will retire from using plastic bags in order to support the environment and encourage everyone involved to raise awareness about ocean pollution. Like Adidas, Patagonia is trying to rid their materials of toxic chemicals, H&M is the world’s largest purchaser of organic cotton and has set up a recycling program.

Many companies in the different industries are making little sustainable steps towards helping the world. Little steps here and there do not seem to make a difference but it causes a chain reaction. Don’t be afraid to be the one to make the first step in the right direction!! Every step counts!!


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