Today is EARTH DAY! Every year on April 22 Earth day is celebrated. The whole idea behind Earth Day is if the public could get energized and excited about air and water pollution that would in turn energize more people around the world. As a result each year millions of Americans take the streets, parks and auditoriums to demonstrate healthy, sustainable ways of living. Earth Day is a great way to challenge the environmental community to convey knowledge to those who may be in the dark and show those who don’t know the little steps that help one live a more sustainable life.

This year on the Lehigh Campus, like years before, Lehigh is hosting a Earth Day fair where organizations around campus set up tables showing people ways to live a more sustainable lifestyles, educating people on new technologies that have been created and fun games that promote sustainable practices.

What can you do? There are little and big things an individual can do to make a difference. From buying solar panels and constructing LEED certified buildings to recycling and reusing your plastic bottles one can make a difference. It is much easier to do small things so here is a list of easy things to do:

1. Switch your light bulbs to compact florescent light bulbs

2. Plant a tree or two

3. Turn off your lights

4. Unplug your chargers (they are using electricity even if your phone isn’t plugged in)

5. Carry your own reusable water bottle

6. Recycle

7. Carpool

and there are many more. Make a change and make a difference!

The history of Earth Day:


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