3D Printer

The Solar 3D Printer

What is this contraption? This is a Solar 3D Printer than takes plastic and recycles it by melting it and turning it into a whole new product.

This is part of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch that lies in the North Pacific Ocean. It is a “swathe of plastic rubbish covering an area the size of turkey”. This buildup of trash has compiled into a huge mass of waste. Due to the publicity about recycling and sustainability, Studio Swine, a London based design studio run by Alexander Groves and Azusa Murakami has developed a 3D printer. The first product they made was what they call the “Sea Chair”.


Groves and Murakami started by collecting plastic rubbish that washed up on the shore or Cornwall. They proceeded to “build their own shredding and extrusion machines and began to create filament. That filament was then used to print a 3-legged stool they dubbed the Sea Chair.” I thought this was really amazing because this new technology could allow people to convert The Great Pacific Garbage Patch and all other plastic into brand new products. This kills two birds with one stone; it reduces the amount of waste product that affects ecosystems around the world and create products that allows people to live more sustainable.

Article: http://3dprint.com/16222/3d-solar-print-garbage-sea


2 thoughts on “3D Printer

  1. Hello, how can I contact any of the authors of this blog? I cannot find your email information. Thank you 🙂

  2. We are so short sighted — it is not a “Garbage Patch”. It is a floating material resource that we can harvest and repurpose in the future. Think automated, fusion power ship factories that will collect, process and produce new materials from free feedstocks that the oceans have been collecting for us. Future technologies offer us tools and solutions that we have yet to even begin to conceive of.

    Dave Heckman ’78

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