EWB at Lehigh

Signing up for clubs and deciding which ones to join can be a little bit hectic and confusing, especially because many clubs that you want to join have a lot of depth to them and are involved in really important projects. Its useful to manage your time and figure out the best way to get involved, because getting involved can be really rewarding and a great way to meet students like you!

Engineers without borders, or EWB, is a club that many students, especially IDEAS students, are involved with on campus. The group brings the knowledge and advancements of engineering and other areas of study in order to offer help to countries around the world who do not have access to it. Currently they are working on projects in Cebadilla in Nicaragua, which students visited most recently, and other countries in Central America. A first-year student here is working on the Honduras project directly, where they are trying to work around political impediments and enable the country to have access to the technology we are trying to bring there.

First years can easily get involved on campus and join classes that deal directly with EWB issues. The group does more than just travel—in October they have a table at the Spooktacular event at Lehigh, and do other events around campus to raise awareness throughout the year.


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