The Faith of Technology

Take a moment to look at your phone. Now look at the person who you are reading this with and take just a short few minutes to describe exactly how that phone works…

If you could actually do that, feel free to stop reading here and know that you have my eternal respect. However, if you’re like the vast majority of us, you probably either fumbled through a very generic answer… or you just ignored my request and kept reading this post because no one is sitting next to you. It’s probably not something that crosses your mind often, but the reality is that only a handful of people really understand the intricate piece of artwork that is your phone.

The truly fascinating aspect to this is that even though we don’t know how it works, we fully expect to be able to Google how many ocelots remain on Earth whenever we want to (it’s between 800,000 to 1.5 million just to save you the time). Professor Best, seems intent on pointing out that this type of trust/faith runs parallel to the core mechanics of functioning religions and philosophy’s. In the same way that religion has prophets, technology has innovators. In the same way that religion explains the origins of the world, technology exemplifies explanations for this

This type of thinking sucker-punches the separation of science and religion in the face.  For countless years mentioning evolution in a religious setting would get you a slap on the wrist. Yet, here we see the birth of a new idea, two contrasting philosophies behaving in a similar fashion. At the very least, since the birth technology, the separation between faith and science seems to be receding. The integration of technology and religion seems inevitable, yet… perhaps this is simply the ramblings of an IDEAS student



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