Divestment– Green Action

Yet another club that I am semi involved with is Green Action, a group that works to involve students with being aware of the affects that humans have on the environment. One of their larger tasks that they will be working on for a bit is to get Lehigh to divest from companies that still use fossil fuels, or to involve in “fossil free divestment”. Divestment is just the opposite of investment—so they are tackling the very hard task of getting Lehigh to take its money out of certain companies for the moral reasons behind it. It is not only happening on college campuses; many other groups have divested from these companies. With more and more organizations doing this, it raises awareness to the people on the problem of fossil fuels, and also will hopefully get the companies to change their ways, as sadly sometimes only money can accomplish this.

IDEAS talks a lot about environmental issues and about being responsible in whatever field you go into, and so this issue of divestment and how what we do affects others relates directly to topics discussed in the first-year seminar.

Green Action also holds other events on campus throughout the school year, and hopes to raise awareness for this divestment cause and also other general environmental issues.


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