What We are Doing

The IDEAS program is so hard to describe to people when they ask that standard question, “What is your major?”. The concept of being in two colleges and integrating different areas of study across those colleges, areas that may seem completely unrelated, is one that is hard to understand. You often get asked the question, “Well what do you do?” or “What are you going to do?”, and the beauty about IDEAS is that none of us really have that figured out yet, but we know that we want to do something special and different in order to change the world.

In the last seminar Professor Best brought up this idea of “changing the world”, and about how we would do that. It is not necessarily about changing the whole world, its about changing our corner of it. Our motivation is this prospect of maybe exerting some change with what we are passionate about that will create a ripple effect and cause good everywhere through our work and inspiration to others.

We are here to think broadly, define new ethics for an unknown future world, thinking about the possibility of going somewhere and what to do when that happens. We are discovering questions and topics that are important to us, finding out what really “bothers” us, in order to take this out to the world once we leave and hopefully make some kind of difference.


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