The Technological Disconnect

One of the uses of technology has always been to connect us with others. Whether we are surfing the web, watching YouTube videos, or texting a friends, technology always seems to bridge the physical gap between people. Yet, nowadays there is this growing concern that through technology we are actually becoming more disconnected from people. How is this possible?

The problem with technology comes from our constant reliance from it. I challenge you to go a week without using a computer. When I leave my dorm, I always grab my phone. I am constantly receiving emails and texts for classes or meetings and trying to survive without it is no small task. Now sure, physically you’d be fine. Emotionally and occupationally you’re in shambles. When you receive a text, your brain actually releases pleasure endorphins that make you feel good. The feeling itself can almost be addicting. With that in mind, many people can sink into depression if they’re not constantly getting texts.

Technology also acts as a crutch in social situations. Feeling awkward at a party? Pull your phone out and watch Snapchat stories until the awkwardness is a distant memory. It’s truly interesting to see how socially acceptable it has become to just whip your phone out Willie-nillie. Where are the good ole’ days where pulling your phone out at dinner was sacrilege? Hopefully, as a society we can start to work ourselves away from this. Social awareness of this problem is key… so go tell all your friends… and by tell, I don’t mean text.person-woman-apple-iphone


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