Do you see what I see?

So the other day I was walking back from dinner and I walked down a path I had taken countless times. As I made my way back up to my dorm, I saw a massive set of stairs. Massive. Like Woolly Mammoth level (hence the picture). I stood there for a moment, utterly perplexed by the fact that I had never seen them before.

A picture of MAMMOTH proportions… From:

This got me thinking about how little we really perceive. To be fair, I’m not exactly known for my observational skills, but it’s an interesting thing to think about. In modern times we travel daily farther than most people from the past traveled in their entire life. We are exposed to so many beautiful sights, and yet, we see so little. It’s sad when you realize that the vast majority of people have grown to live there entire lives with “tunnel-vision”. I’m reminded of a quote on a t-shirt I got when I was ten (back when people didn’t wear abstract designer trends and it wasn’t sacrilege to have words on you’re shirt other than “NIKE”), it goes: “It’s hard to see the big picture, when you have a small screen.” Sadly, this statement is becoming more and more true as we lose interest in seeing what’s around us.

I challenge anyone who is actually reading this blog, to shut off your phone, walk outside, and just enjoy what’s around you. And for gosh golly’s sake, keep your eyes open.


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