Family Weekend at Lehigh

This past weekend was Family Weekend at Lehigh, and events were held all over campus for the families of the students over the course of three days. My family did not join in much, but we did go to President Simon’s “It’s Fall Y’all” event at his house on campus. It was really interesting to get a look into the new president’s house, as well as talk to him briefly and get a picture. There was a hot chocolate bar, cookies, a candy apple station, as well as a petting zoo, and parents and students and children and grandparents all could have a fun time.


The point of all of this is really interesting—my friend was covering the event in the Brown and White (Lehigh’s student run newspaper), and asked President Simon how he thinks that events like this contribute to the Lehigh community. In a smaller school like Lehigh, it is awesome that we can do something like go and meet the president of the school and have a cute and fall themed event like the one held the night of Halloween. It builds up the community and makes you feel more like a part of something, that there is a connection between you and the other students and the president and even your life back home, your parents. It just creates a cohesiveness and an experience that everyone can appreciate and take part in.


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