Emotion through Music

Poster for the "Child's Requiem" concert.
Poster for the “Child’s Requiem” concert.

I had never really been a fan of choral concerts— I came from a small high school, so lets just say that they weren’t mind-blowing. So when the opportunity arose to go to a concert here at Lehigh I attended for support; my gryphon (or RA) and another girl in my hall are member of Choir, and I was also in support of the cause. The award winning show “Child’s Requiem” was written by Dr. Steven Sametz, and dedicated to the remembrance of the children lost in the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012. The subject itself is very emotional and meaningful, and so it was expected that it would be a powerful show.

It went way beyond any expectations, and it truly was amazing. All of the vocals and instrumentals were fantastic, and presented in a way that captured the attention of the whole theater. You know the music is amazing when it not only sounds beautiful but creates an emotion inside of you and inside of everyone around you. The lyrics were displayed above the performers and drawings from children after the shooting were displayed behind them, but you did not even to know what they were saying or see the pictures to feel that emotion. The lyrics and images helped convey the message of keeping children safe, and only added to the sadness of the moment.

The Choir is of course going to have more concerts, including one for Christmastime. I hope that they also continue to do shows like this, bringing to light social issues and current aspects of life that everyone can connect with.


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