Diplomat Discussions

I am a part of the LU Diplomats club here at Lehigh University, which actually just became an official club last year. Now as a real club, they are trying to increase campus involvement and raise awareness about the club and what they do—I especially do this as part of the Public Relations committee. LU Diplomats work with Admissions to reach out to prospective students from other countries. The admissions process is one that is not fun for anyone, and worse for those coming from outside of the United States. They conduct interviews, send out emails to accepted students, and try and ease the transition into college life in the US.IMG_0482

This past Tuesday, they had one of their first major events: hosting Ana-Lulia Alexandrescu, a professor of practice at Lehigh who works with the graduate college, and is actually a Lehigh alumni as well. She talked with us about her experiences here at Lehigh, and how coming from a different country (Romania) influenced her life here. It was great to hear an alumni discuss her time here at Lehigh and her life after, just to come back to the university and make a positive influence here.


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