I’ve got an IDEA

So, if you’ve managed to survive the pun that is the title of this blog, congratulations! You are now able to keep reading and see IDEAS in action on a live test subject (me!). Thinking

For the past few months I’ve been wondering what exactly I’m planning on doing with my degree. How should I make it? What should I make do? What classes should I take? For some reason it’s finally setting in that I truly have the freedom to answers those questions however I want and whenever I want (within 3-ish years). After assembling a 30+ credit schedule and having a ton of courses I wanted to take, I’ve finally made up my mind. I’m still not really sure how these courses will fit together in the long run (some fit better than others) but the reality is, no matter what course I take, I can probably tie it back to my degree in some way or another. For example, next semester there is this really awesome course called “Doing Archaeology.” Now, I’m leaning heavily in the direction of bio-engineering and psychology, how exactly does this fit in? Well, one could easily argue that through archaeology one studies human history and past cultures/behaviors which gives us a better understanding of how past people thought and how their brain works. That kind of falls into the realm of psychology which I’m looking into… so… viola- a useful course that is also super cool.

I’ve also recently become aware of the fact that it’s very possible I could graduate with a minor in something. My ideal choice would be a minor in anthropology/archaeology and that makes my “Doing Archaeology” course even more exciting. In conclusion, no. No, I don’t know where any of this is really taking me, but I’, just going to sit back, and enjoy the ride there because I’m sure it will all work out in the end. Somehow.


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