You know you’re a first year when…

This Wednesday we had registration for the spring semester classes. If you read my previous blog on how that works, you’ll understand how stressful it can be. However, for the most part it went pretty well. I got two of the classes I wanted the most easily, and I even got the back-up class I wanted. Yet, the main problem came from registering for my Anthropology class. When I entered the course number it kept returning an error that I didn’t have the proper “classification”. I emailed the department and my professors trying to figure out what in the world the problem was. Just this morning my professor got back to me and said that “Doing Archaeology” (that’s the name of the course) was a 100 level course, which freshman can’t take. *face-palm* It wasn’t a problem with my grades or prerequisites, it was simply that I was still a first year. (I feel like I should point out that I did get into the class thanks to my professor being awesome).images

Anyway, that’s something I’ve been realizing a lot. I know a ton of stuff. I’ve been here for almost a full semester now and my brain is buzzing with the new life I’ve been living. Yet every now and again I always seem to find myself getting smacked back to the reality that I am a freshman. My Gryphon has  catchphrase (among many others) that seems to pertain to this situation. I may still be a freshman, but, to quote him “That is okay.”

So yes, I am still a freshman, and that’s okay with me. Yeah, it can be a bit difficult at times, even overwhelming, but ultimately I’m learning. I’m getting better. I’m making less mistakes and in many ways that’s the truest college experience.

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