Fear and Technology

If you’ve ever sat in a room with Professor Best, you should be aware of the fact that he is going to ask questions that will frustrate you until you reach the brink of insanity. I think it was the first class/seminar that he asked us “What is the purpose of technology?”. At first glance, we all jump to conclusion that it exists to make our lives easier. But does it really? Technology has this nasty habit of making our lives simpler, and yet infinitely more complex. Are we really more connected to others through our phones? Do we really need a GPS built into our car? Why does this…17745488062_69de997c3b_o

… even exist?

The sad reality is that the purpose of technology isn’t as simple as many people would think. In my opinion I’ve always felt that technology is a byproduct of human fear. Technology is a way for humans to cope with that which scares us. It can be used to physically remove that which scares us (ie: lightbulbs to shine through darkness) or sometimes fear can be dealt with simply by having technology at our disposal. Feeling a bit worried? Distract yourself with your phone.

Sure, there are probably some holes in that theory, but I’m fully willing to listen to new IDEAS. Really bad joke. Maybe that’s the reason for technology; so I can expose y’all to really bad jokes.

This unmodified picture is from :

https://www.flickr.com/photos/dachis/ 17745488062



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