Walking in a Winter…

January 24th, 2016.

You walk outside only to be instantly greeted by the cold sting of winter on your face. You pull your hat further down over your ears and start to walk down the steps deeper into a world comprised completely of white. Every which way you look, tiny specks of white fill your vision as they cascade downwards towards the ground. Step by step you continue on your journey enjoying the puff of white smoke that dances around your face as you exhale.

There are other people, you nod your head curtly as you pass them. They too are tightly bundled and look strangely misplaced in this fragile and delicate landscape. Without warning the world around you starts to spin, your feet suddenly flail out in front of you wildly. In an instant you are on your back, cocooned in a gentle layer of snow, staring at the brilliantly gray sky.

January 25th, 2016

It’s a Monday, and lo and behold, you don’t wake up to the sound of an alarm clock. You grumpily roll over and look at the clock beside your bed. 10:37. Much to early to wake up still. You pull your bed sheets over your head and gingerly drift back to sleep again.

Snow picture

Yes, what I just described are the exact events leading up to my snow-day this previous Monday. I may have embellished slightly, but ultimately the core intent remains intact. It was perfect. My first day back at Lehigh is a snow-day, who would have thunk it?







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