New semester, new seminar

We recently had our first IDEAS semester of the new year, and it was good to come back! We revisited old issues and brought up new ones, and had a general discussion to bring us back to where we left off.

This semester, Professor Best noted that it would be “more of the same yet profoundly different”. Now as we have a semester’s worth of discussions behind us, we can start to try to find the fundamental questions we will carry with us as IDEAS majors, the ones we will default to. Each major has their own set of questions that they bring with them, and we will be finding ours.

He asked of us things that over break have been “bothering us”, and students mentioned a range of topics from Flint, Michigan to genetic discrimination to robotic power/superiority. All of these topics tie in to the issues we will be discussing throughout the semester and our time here, and yet they are events and issues that arose within the past few months. It just shows how relevant and important what we are discussing here truly is.


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