Free Will

Why are you reading this blog? Don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that people actually read my blogs, but what really brought you here? Did you accidentally stumble upon this random blog? Have you been following me since I started blogging six months ago? What led you to read this blog at this point in time in your life?

Believe it or not I have a good reason for asking all these questions. Recently, I’ve been finding myself questioning what I base my decisions off of. Decisions like, why do I use mint toothpaste even though I hate mint? Why do I choose Cocoa Puffs over Wheaties? Why does the sun rise in the morning? You know, basic life questions like that. For me, these questions always lead to a heated internal discussion about the concept of “free will”.

Lately, I find myself questioning whether it exists or not? Free will is supposed to be the idea that the decisions and choices we make are independent of other external biases. In a nutshell, if I want to go spend $300 building a six foot tall chocolate death star, I can. No one can tell me otherwise, and it’s my choice. However, I find myself questioning if even that is really free will.

If the decisions we make are based off our experiences, and we accumulate these experiences throughout are lives, then wouldn’t are decisions be based off actions and decisions of others? Sure, I’m still making the choice, yet I’m only making it because my interactions with others has created a precedent in my mind about what is the “right decision” in this instance. To me, the truest expression of free will is a decision made with absolutely no experience and complete ignorance. All in all, I’m not really sure how I feel about that.12424613613_be4033701d_o

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