New Years Resolution

Yes. I am aware it’s February… mid-February. However, it’s never too late to fulfill a New Years resolution. This year is the first year, in a long while, that I’ve actually decided to make one. However, in penance for my past few years hiatus, I’ve made quite a few. The vast majority of these I’ve already accomplished or are progressing swimmingly. Of these, there is one that is turning out to be even more beneficial than I initially expected.

At the end of of last semester I was functioning on about  5-6 hours of sleep a night. I’d go to bed late and wake up bright and early for classes that I’d sleep through. I don’t drink coffee as I don’t like the flavour (also, I hear coffee habits can get to be expensive and I’m a college student… do the math). With this in mind, my resolution has been to get 8 hours of sleep per night.


Aside from a few relapses here and there, I’m averaging 8 hours a night. Now sure, this means I miss a lot of stuff that happens in the wee hours of the morn’, but I’m actually able to function during the day… so it balances out.

Why did I feel like I needed to blog about this? Well, quite simply to anyone who is planning to survive college it’s very important to find your limits. Every now and then it’s good to even push them, yet doing well in classes isn’t about sporadic moments of brilliance; it’s about endurance. As a second semester freshman, the value of sleep is supreme



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