Though the title of this blog sounds like an attempt to make voting seem “cool” and “hip” to the younger generation, let’s ignore that for the moment. To get right to the point, there is this (relatively) new  trend of voting online spreading around the United States. In fact, the vast majority of states already offer this “convenience”. As a person who can vote in the next presidential election, I find this idea bothersome.

On the one hand, many people see going to the ballots as a nuisance. Who really wants to drive out to some arbitrary location, wait in line with a bunch of people awkwardly, and then spend thirty seconds casting a vote? Honestly, it’s not all that appealing. So this idea of voting on your computer at home sounds like a life-saver right?

Well, sure, it’s incredibly convenient. Why go to the movie theater when you can sit at home and watch movies on Netflix? However, this means you will be missing out on the experience. Just like going to see a movie on at three-hundred foot screen, there is something about the experience that makes it all worth it.That aside, I’ve always felt that part of the voting process is carried out through standing in line with all those random people. All those people have their own ideas about politics, have their own opinions about education/gun control/childhood obesity/Donald Trump, and gosh golly they are going to tell you about it. This exposure to new ideas and concepts is priceless in the the grand scheme of things. On the one hand, there are many people who get upset as this may influence your vote at the last minute, and these people think that voting is your own personal experience. Yet, if by talking to some stranger for the twenty minutes your in line changes your mind, well, you probably shouldn’t be casting the vote you were planning on anyway.

Maybe it’s not the most fun thing to do. Maybe you’d rather be binge watching the Season finale of Leverage. Yet you should do it. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love trying to figure out how to get those voting machines to work properly?968px-Voting_machine

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