Can we trust our brain?

I am in an intro psychology class here at Lehigh this semester, and the topics we have been discussing, while potentially IDEAS-related in some way or another, are directly life-related. We have been discussing the brain, and how hard it works to give us an accurate view of the world around around us. It’s all about perspective, countered with logic. Here are some examples of your brain tricking you all in an amazing video, yes it is long but you’ll get the gist from just the start.

Brain Games Video

It’s amazing how our brain has evolved to give us this accurate view of reality, and it works so well that we end up seeing things that defy logic. Thankfully, our brain also takes care of that part for us, and we know that some things that we see are not actually that way. Our brain relies on vision and draws on experiences and assumptions, and then our perspective is messed up.

How does this extend beyond simple brain tricks? I think it could go in the way that we approach every new situation or issue with the experience and assumptions that we have gained in the past, but maybe that is not the way this particular case should be seen. Maybe we need to bring fresh eyes and a load of logic and imagination to these new issues the world may bring, and maybe IDEAS is our way of getting there.


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