Spotlight shines light

I attended a screening yesterday of the movie “Spotlight”, a great film that chronicles the investigative journalism done at The Boston Globe in order to uncover the child abuse scandal in the Catholic Church. The film itself was moving and altogether important for people to see, if not only to understand the role that media play in society but also to understand the betrayal of the Church.


It was even more relevant because Martin Baron, portrayed in the film by actor Live Schreiber, was the editor of The Boston Globe at that time, and is a Lehigh Alumnus. After the movie, Professor of Journalism Jack Lule asked Baron questions relating to his movie and career. He discussed journalism as a whole and the changing role of it in society as we grow more technologically advanced. Large portions of the population get their information from false sources, and believe untrue things. What kind of society or world is that where the “truth” is unknown or just unheard? We have great access through the internet and social media to all types of information, but we are careless with screening it and checking to make sure that the information is actually valid. We need to be careful, because we could easily be tricked.

This is why journalism is still important and influential in our day to day lives, and why Baron says he loves doing this kind of work. He is able to look back and see how his work to uncover the truth helped those around him and through that he knows he is doing the right thing.


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