Thinking ahead

There are so many opportunities at Lehigh to get involved over the summer, it is difficult to decide what to do! Do I participate in research, go abroad, work… and how do I fit all of these things I want to do in the limited summers I have here? I feel like I would have to plan all four (five?) of my years here at once.

But that would be illogical- really no one knows what will happen in the future. I think its all about being open and prepared and excited for new opportunities that may come your way, and not be objected to being at school for a month in the summertime.summer Because looking back, that time is what you’ll remember and grow from. It may be viewed as a “waste” to spend one of the last summers of your youth not in your hometown with your friends and family, but it can’t be called a waste if you’re abroad helping people somewhere or at Lehigh helping people in the community. It not only makes you grow as a person, but actually makes a difference.


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