The Working Machine

It’s the middle of exam season and everyone is stressed. Like most sane people, I’ve been clinging to the idea of “a better time.” To me this is my summer break and all that glorious relaxation. Yet, the other day I realized, I’m going to need to get a job over the summer. With that in mind, I’ve been thinking about what it will be like working over break, and I can’t help but make parallels to some things from seminar.

In the last movie we watched, we got a great look into industrial China. The first 8 minutes of the movie is just the camera slowly panning across the massive factory. We watched as hundreds of people did tiny, insignificant jobs in quick succession. Tightening a wire here, bolting something there. All in all, it was like watching the golf channel… literally, anything else would have been more interesting.400px-Seagate_Wuxi_China_Factory_Tour

Watching these people doing these tedious, machine-like functions got me thinking. Why don’t we just have a machine doing this? It’d be faster and more efficient. So why is it R2-D2 isn’t doing this for us? Well, ignoring the exuberant cost of the machine, we probably just want to keep people in the workforce and with jobs. That being said, the way capitalism works, all those jobs will most likely vanish in the near future so some big business hot-shot can make a “pretty-penny”?

At a certain point industry will likely be completely dominated by machines. As it stands, there is already a significant demand for jobs and this will only make that demand grow. As much as I love capitalism as a whole, I feel like it’s going to run us into a very thick, very brick, wall. That will hurt. Do we need to re-evaluate our current economic/industrial system? Which leads me to the point of all of this: Will I be able to get a job over summer break?


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