The Meaning of Life.

You got it, I’m about to answer all the questions you will ever have. As an IDEAS major, I know all, and see all… And…That is what they call hyperbole. Look it up, it’s one of the most useful things in existence.


Now onto the age old question, “What is the meaning of life?” Some people argue that it’s as simple as procreating. Yup, go make some babies and you’ve done your part. If that’s enough for you, you may stop here. However, if you’re looking for more than that, let’s keep playing this little game.

To address this whole baby idea, what if you don’t want babies? Does this mean your life is meaningless? Of course not, and that’s why I can’t put myself behind this theory. Then there are those who argue that we exist to better humankind. That our goal in life is to make people “better.” Yet what does that really mean? Who has the authority to say what is the “right” path for us to walk? I don’t know if anyone does. Then, of course, there are those who argue that position belongs to a higher power… but who’s? (Just a quick disclaimer, I do not mean to step on any toes and state this as more of intellectual jousting material than anything else).With so many different beliefs out there, how do we know ours is the right one? I suppose that’s up to the individual.

To me that’s the key point. I personally don’t feel there is a single universal meaning to life. We are defined by our actions. In similar fashion, our meaning is defined by our lives. So if your dying to know the meaning of life, stop. Look around at the life you’re living, and you’ll find your purpose there.





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