Affording the future

Navigating our global future Ted Talk

In the above Ted Talk Ian Goldin talks about many many things concerning globalization and about where our world is headed, but I would like to discuss one section where he talks about the great technologies that will be available in the future. There have already been great advances in genetic technology and modification. We are abledna_ to pick and choose traits, and someday soon we may be able to create the perfect human. If this is what we want, this “super future”, who is it available to? Only those who have the money and can afford it will be a part of this future, while the rest of the world is technologically left behind.

In the seminar we have discussed bringing technology into these countries, and what are responsibility is in that area. They might not want this technology, or have an interest in changing their ways. But then the rest of the world will grow at a much faster rate, and where will that leave them relatively? By giving them this technology and including them in our future, are we saving them or destroying them? By making this future for ourselves, are we saving us or destroying us? We have the ability and power to shape our future and possibly others’, we need to be cautious in the way that we build it.


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