A three day conference happened at Lehigh this past week called Feminisms Beyond the Secular, and I wish I had been able to see more of it. Women from across the country and world came to share their insight and research from within their area of specialty and study. It was interesting to see how they all came together and discussed feminism and how it can be used in religions and races as a tool and language.

feminisms beyond secular poster .png

I say I wish I had been able to see more because I came during the last panel discussion they had. Not many students were there, and I guess its hard when people have class and everything. But I could tell just from their wrap ups and summaries that a great deal had been talked about the days before, and that they were really important topics that more students should have been interested in. Lehigh has so many great speakers and opportunities– yet nothing of course is mandatory, and not everything fits in with the busy undergrad schedule.You have to just keep an ear out for anything that may spark your interest, and even if it doesn’t seem like it is worth it, and would be something that you could easily skip to watch Netflix instead, usually you’ll be really happy that you went. You leave thinking about new ideas from different perspectives, and have a subject of conversation when someone asks you how your Tuesday night was.


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