Unveiling Pluto

New York Times article on Pluto

I remember sometime during my childhood being told that Pluto was no in fact a planet, and that what I had been taught my whole life was simply not true. Since then not much has really been said about Pluto, and as time has gone on I’ve realized that they really don’t know all that much in depth about any planet in particular. Each one brings challenges to scientists with differing atmospheres and geographies and orbits etc. Each planet is interesting and unique, and that’s only talking about the ones in our solar system. How many more planets are out there that have circumstances that we could never predict just knowing from our experience here on Earth? Pluto surprised us, and its practically right in our backyard compared to the rest of the Universe.

The New York Times, NASA/John Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory/Southwest Research Institute

The above link shows what has been learned about Pluto and about its surprising composition. Its weird that we had to wait so long for this information, and weird that we will have to wait a while again until any further questions can be answered. It is still amazing to read about, and to think about what else lies out there for us to discover.


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