A year ago

It’s funny walking around campus and seeing tours going on, because it puts you in a totally different perspective. Now you’re the mysterious and interesting college students that you stared at just a year ago. You’re fortunately done with the whole college application process, you’re not scared and wondering where to go next year to begin your independent adult life. It looks like we have it all figured out, or at least just a step closer, and so it puts you in an interesting place. Now, when we talk to potential students, it’s exciting thinking of the influence we may have.

I remember when I came to Lehigh for an IDEAS info session, a student said to me “IDEAS is the reason I am at Lehigh”, and now I’m in the same position and would say the same thing to a potential student. It’s amazing to have that type of influence and to affect students’ lives in the way that yours was. It’s exciting to be able to say, “Come to Lehigh, I love it here and you will too.”



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