The Good Life


Exam week is around the corner here at Lehigh and once again people are on the verge of complete emotional collapse. Whenever I run into my sister on campus these days our conversation always seems to end with “Dan, fix my life.” This got me thinking, what exactly would constitute as “fixing” someone’s life?

In the society we live in, there seems to be this general idea that the so-called “good-life” consists of a strict daily regiment of lounging on a beach in Tahiti. There would be no debt, financial struggles, responsibilities of any sort, or even conflict. Essentially, we are obsessed with Kenny Chesney’s immortal lyrics “No shoes, no shirt, no problems.” Yet, we are so absorbed in this endeavor to escape reality, we don’t really think about what it would actually be like.

Aside from the constant need for sunscreen, we’d be in a world with no reason to do anything. Without deadlines and without the need to work for survival, we’d have no motivation to do anything. Sure, you could go surfing for a while, but what would be the point? In the same way that we outgrew Miley Cyrus and Bieber, things that seemed exciting and crazy would eventually sink to mediocrity.

As humans, we have an incredible capacity to lose interest in things that are commonplace. What does this mean for our “Good-life”? Perhaps we will still dream of palm trees and sandy beaches, but ultimately, that is one dream that doesn’t need to become a reality.


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