Exams: In Retrospect

As I recently mentioned the student body at Lehigh finds itself immersed in the exam process. We schedule are weeks (and work schedules) around the days we don’t have exams. This makes sense and is intuitive. You would not plan to do something on a day when you’re suffering from pre-exam pain and suffering.

I find myself thinking about the great feeling I had last semester when exams were finally over. Sure, I spent entire days rereading past lecture notes to study. However, in the end, when that moment finally hits you and you realize you are free; pure ecstasy. Strangely though this semester has been a bit rougher and I’ve been trying to figure out why. It hit me today. Like a brick.

Now this isn’t really a life-changing epiphany, and it also may be a bit obvious. That said, the difference between these two semesters is that in the current one, my exams are spread out. Initially, this might seem great. Cramming for two exams at once is like pulling teeth. Yet, my exam week has turned into three. For the past three weeks all I think about is the exam I had to study for that week. In this way, I’ve been stressed about exams for this entire time. Last semester I only had one week, and sure it was brutal; but it was quick. Note to future self: a week with three exams may hurt like the dickens, but freedom is just around the corner.


*This unmodified picture is from:

https:// http://www.flickr.com/photos/opendemocracy/1482020719


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