“Most Likely to Succeed”

This documentary, named “Most Likely to Succeed”, was one that played a while ago at the middle school that is right off of Lehigh’s campus. Though one of the only students in a mass of parents, I was so happy that I went to see this film.

I’m not sure if this topic will ever relate to my degree, or if it could be tied in with engineering at all. But it matters to me not only because of the interesting changes our world is going through, but as a human and as a potential parent there is an obligation to do what is best for your children.


The way high schools work today, and what I have found talking to people from different backgrounds here at Lehigh, was that most of these schools are teaching directly for the AP, SAT, or ACT tests, because that is what colleges want and look for. I happened to come from a very small high school in the country that did not care about our records, if you went to college, or how you did. They cared about your growth as a person and that leaving the school you were going on to did what you wanted to do, but because you put yourself there, not because your high school led you there.

Because of this I was able to explore things and go off curriculum in ways that students today are not able to, which is exactly what this documentary showed as being the thing students should be allowed to do. It fosters creativity and character that is what is actually needed to have a good job and do well in life. The problem is that students still want to be able to go to college and to look good on paper, and so they are hesitant  about this new way of education.

Once you’re in college, its not about studying for a standardized test, especially not in the IDEAS program. Its about so much more than that, which is what schools aren’t teaching us.


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