Freshman Year

Perhaps I’m being a bit premature, but with only a month left I find myself reflecting on my first year at college. Technically, yes, I’m still a freshman. However, after seeing all of the new candidates sitting in on classes, and carrying their little white bags around, I realized I don’t really fit in with that class anymore. I’m in the puberty phase of college. It’s that awkward phase where you transition from “high-schooler” to full fledged university student.

Recently, while grabbing lunch at Hawks Nest, a woman walked up to me and asked how I was liking my time here at Lehigh. She proceeded to bring over her son, and they asked me a few more questions. I didn’t realize the significance of this moment immediately. Sure, it felt really nice that I could help this family out. Yet, more profoundly it finally hit me that I knew Lehigh. Not the “I know of Lehigh” or “I know my way around campus”; but a genuine understanding of how things work here. I know what it’s like to spend a day playing Frisbee on the lawn in front of Dravo. I know what it’s like to stay up for hours with a bunch of friends building blanket forts in each others rooms. I also know what it’s like to spend a day cramming for an exam, and the painfully restless night that ensues. So yes, I know Lehigh. And yet, there is still so much more to learn.

No, I don’t know what it’s like at other colleges. Yet, I know Lehigh and that is a truly blessed feeling. So again, maybe this a bit premature, but I wanted to get this out before finals came around in full swing. Lehigh is a wonderful school, and I’m glad to be a part of this community.3008159759_89dc405a81

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