About Us

Lehigh’s Integrated Degree in Engineering, Arts and Sciences (IDEAS) provides students with a unique opportunity to combine the breadth and depth of two programs of study in a four-year college experience. Graduates of the program go on to work in a variety of fields and industries, tailored to their specific interests and strengths.

First-year students in the IDEAS program participate in a seminar course that causesĀ them to think about the role of engineering, and engineers, in society. We’re using social media to unleash the power of IDEAS online, and provide a platform for IDEAS students, other Lehigh students, and other interested members of the public to join in our discussion. This blog serves as a way for Lehigh Engineering students to share their thoughts and comments via the tagboard social-media aggregator site that collects and organizes it all.

For more about the ideas program, visit lehigh.edu/ideas.

Explore these other blogs by our Lehigh Engineering students:

First-Year Engineering Blog: http://luengineer.wordpress.com
Bioengineering: http://lehighbioe.wordpress.com/
Chemical Engineering: http://lehighcheme.wordpress.com/
Civil Engineering: http://lehighcee1.wordpress.com/
Industrial & Systems Engineering : http://lehighise.wordpress.com/
Electrical and Computer Engineering: http://lehigheecs.wordpress.com/
International Engineers:http://lehighintlengineers.wordpress.com/
Materials Science: http://lehighmatsci.wordpress.com/
Mechanical Engineering: http://lehighmeche.wordpress.com/


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