Hierarchy of Needs

It’s always interesting to see how your courses overlap even though they may seem unrelated, and even though I’ve only been here two semesters it happens all the time. Right now I am in a Psychology class, and of course the IDEAS seminar, and in the seminar we talked about an idea in psychology that I just heard about earlier that week in the class. It was on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, and the idea that there is a pyramid of needs that humans wish to fill, starting from the base level of food, shelter, water and working up to the peak of is self-actualization.Maslow's_hierarchy_of_needs

It was brought up that technology is being used as our companions and friends as an attempt to fill our hierarchy of needs, beyond the physiological base, in order to reach self-actualization. This was brought up as being an issue if people start to try and fill the levels of belonging and esteem before they meet their physiological needs. Also, people now aren’t looking to human friendships and interactions to fill those higher levels, but to technology, and does that pose an issue for the future of our social world?

In what ways should our needs be met, and should we make sure they are in the order that Maslow created?


New Years Resolution

Yes. I am aware it’s February… mid-February. However, it’s never too late to fulfill a New Years resolution. This year is the first year, in a long while, that I’ve actually decided to make one. However, in penance for my past few years hiatus, I’ve made quite a few. The vast majority of these I’ve already accomplished or are progressing swimmingly. Of these, there is one that is turning out to be even more beneficial than I initially expected.

At the end of of last semester I was functioning on about  5-6 hours of sleep a night. I’d go to bed late and wake up bright and early for classes that I’d sleep through. I don’t drink coffee as I don’t like the flavour (also, I hear coffee habits can get to be expensive and I’m a college student… do the math). With this in mind, my resolution has been to get 8 hours of sleep per night.


Aside from a few relapses here and there, I’m averaging 8 hours a night. Now sure, this means I miss a lot of stuff that happens in the wee hours of the morn’, but I’m actually able to function during the day… so it balances out.

Why did I feel like I needed to blog about this? Well, quite simply to anyone who is planning to survive college it’s very important to find your limits. Every now and then it’s good to even push them, yet doing well in classes isn’t about sporadic moments of brilliance; it’s about endurance. As a second semester freshman, the value of sleep is supreme


‘Tis the Season

Every semester there is this wonderful thing that happens. Perhaps one of the greatest things of all. I am referring of course to Lehigh registration!

With the end of the semester close on our heels, we have to start thinking about the future; that is, the second semester. As an IDEAS student, this can be one of the most fun/painful experiences you’ll ever experience. On the one hand, looking up courses that sound interesting and that you’d actually want to take can be invigorating. On the other side of the spectrum, the actual registration process… well… let’s just say it’s downright painful. When I first came to Lehigh, I dropped my entire schedule and built it from scratch so I have some experience in this. Essentially, it consists of a student making a list of the courses they want to take, and then rushing around like a madman to make sure no one else takes your ever-so-valuable seats.

This process is further hindered by the fact that many IDEAS students overload their schedule (at Lehigh the max credits per semester is 18, overloading require special permission and can go as high as 21 credits). We also often deal with pre-requisite overrides so we can avoid taking some intro level courses. All this in mind, registering guarantees to make you miserable for at least 24 hours. That being said, I still love the whole prospect and can’t wait to get officially registered. Brace yourself second semester- I am on the move.

The #IDEASlife

With the first set of exams (almost) behind me, I’ve realized a few things about what my life is being turned into. When I signed up for seventeen credits this semester I thought I had a general idea of what to expect. Nope. I was wrong. Completely and totally. Every morning I wake up, wipe the little bits of “sand” from my eyes, and roll out of bed into my first class. I’m seriously considering moving my bed to my morning lecture halls to save time. After my first lecture it’s a frantic rush to get to my next class, because who really needs breaks anyway? (Said no one ever) I haphazardly make my way from class to class occasionally grabbing a lunch every other day. When class finally come to an end, it’s off to one of my jobs for a few hours eventually ending with some dinner.

Then we get to the truly scary part…

I’m actually enjoying it. Strangely enough, even without time to do what I want, somehow I’m content. I have a headache after every class, my legs are tired from the hike up the mountain, my stomach is almost always growling, yet a smile remains plastered to my face. I don’t know what it is, I can walk outside after any class, take a deep breath, and just be in awe about where I am and what I’m doing.

A New Semester

As a second semester freshman, I am already delving into my intended major. The biggest asset of IDEAS Program is that it concentrates on making you proficient in your area of learning. That does not just include what classes you have to take to get a degree but what classes will allow you to become a more well rounded, holistic engineer. This semester I chose to enroll in Beginner Spoken Mandarin II, Glaciers and Glaciation, The Science of Environmental Issues and Natural Hazards: Impacts and Consequences along with my prerequisites. It is a fantastic feeling going into a classroom and being passionate about what you are learning. IDEAS teaches you that any class you take will help your major. If your majoring in Environmental Engineering but take a psychology class, it will help you understand people which will help you to become a better engineer. IDEAS is a privilege to be part of and if you want to learn more go to