“A Call to Men”- TED Talk


In my History class on Modern Technology in America we just finished the book On the Pill by Elizabeth Siegel Watkins on the social history of oral contraceptives. She discusses the many societal issues in the development of this birth control pill and the challenges that women had to face. The double-standard in place for women and men greatly affected their availability to birth control information, when that control was still in the hands of men.


Women have obviously gained much since that time, but is our society not still flawed? A double standard still exists, and as Tony Porter discusses in this TED talk, there is much that still needs to be done in the way that society conditions the male mind in relation to himself and to women. The objectification and degradation of women is still something that exists here and abroad, and to fix this we need to change the way that society causes its men to think and act.


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